Let us transform your own piece

You’ve inherited a treasured family heirloom that just doesn't suit your home interior. Or you’ve found an amazing old dresser on a second-hand market. Or the writing desk you had since childhood is in need of a makeover. These are our favourite things to hear!

Get in touch, we'll discuss it further!

Send us a photo of the piece including dimensions, plus some ideas of what you’d like (if you have any). Check out our portfolio, to see what we’ve done before and maybe pick one of our finished projects as a reference. It also helps to see images of your home and where your finished piece will be situated. Depending on your location, we can arrange for an in-house consultation.

We’ll help you decide on different options including styles, colours, finish, art techniques and more. Our background is in fine art, so we are able to create something amazing and unique to suit your preferences.

If you are located in Helsinki metropolitan area, we can arrange to collect your piece for a reasonable fee, or you can deliver directly to our studio in Matinkylä, Espoo.

Once we have all necessary information, we’ll send you a price quote to complete the piece. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll keep you posted on the progress and when the project is completed, the furniture will be delivered back to you carefully packaged, looking beautiful and totally transformed. Feel free to arrange your own collection.